Terms & Conditions

Access Conditions:

TS3 Storage provides access to the site to one designated key holder – if said key holder decides to share information / keys with any other persons it is the key holders responsibility to what happens with goods when in their possession – TS3 Storage will not take responsibility for goods once information has been shared

Access hours are between 6am – 10pm 7 days a week within the hours of 10pm – 6am the gates will be automatically locked meaning no access is allowed – if any key holders are within the site during these times a call out charge will be placed on the individuals account to cover site managers opening gates

We at TS3 Storage respect all surrounding areas around the site, when accessing the site please be cautious of both the surrounding areas and the fellow customers of the site – any motors accessing the site, any motor bikes must be pushed to the containers – anyone caught going against this will be asked to leave the property.

Additional Conditions:

  • After three weeks of missed payments, TS3 Storage reserves the right to remove the goods from the container disposing of goods to covers costs lost on the unit.
  • The insurance policy is between you and the Insurer; TS3 Storage has no authority to admit liability or manage claims.
  • Coverage is subject to various conditions and exclusions, including those for pairs and sets, certain types of losses, and legal restrictions.
  • If TS3 storage detects or is made aware of any unlawful things happening within the units we have the right to allow police access to the container without the key holders permission

Cancellation and Claims Notification: We ask for 2 weeks notice of moving out this allows us to book in any customers on a reserve list, if not giving you will be charged for additional rent on the container.

Privacy and Data Use: Personal information is protected and used in compliance with legal requirements, primarily for insurance administration and claims processing.

This summary highlights key aspects arranged by TS3 Storage on your behalf. It’s important to review the full policy documents for a comprehensive understanding of coverages, limits, and exclusions.